How To Understand Working Realities of Your Time

How To Understand Working Realities of Your Time

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First, Let me give you a short display of how it is. Those days when I started writing, along with others, all I wanted to do was write stories and pieces that brought impactful knowledge, in subtle ways. It kept coming to me, there were days of snippet stories that graduated to community finesse. 
The world and media was growing fast and there were working realities to go through. This is normal but you cannot settle for normal when there should be more. A tough cat also comes with breaking dawn. It will always come, that big break.

My mind was a maze, a recollection.
The flesh of it was dying, like a paper wrinkled in time, only appearing here and there, floating, waiting to explode. I didn’t explode, a bit of that had gone underway in those days when mental states were seen as notes of subjective tantrums.

Rather, It was imploded. There are so many ideas.  You know what it means when it gets opened from the insides. Floating.
I also had many ideas I loved to express. They may not have taken quite a solid definition as at the time or be well and consistently expressed but there was something.
A curious cat knows a lot about researching knowledge. Also, there was a place of intention, phases, and life realities.Many of us will start all over, the society will take this for granted but only you can see the picture and reach for it, do not let them derail you.

As a storyteller, I like to talk about these journeys, but later, it came to the point where my mind would not permit it. It was like a disappearing trance. You are there and then you are not and you know there is no need bearing down on it.

There would always be time to reflect and recollect when the journey is complete. You can’t always say it all. Sometimes, you really need to keep quiet and be still. In a more daunting way, I am simply saying ‘shut up,’ from the clatter. Be still and listen to yourself, there is something within, something peculiar to only you. You are not supposed to look into the world and try to bend to its needs. The world is supposed to look up to you and adjust.

Now, Let me take you on a second toll.
It must be some drugged kind of life. You bring a strong wood, break it, somehow piece it back, break it again, piece it back and then burn it so hard it gives up- crackling and cascading down the hall till echoing fades away. The dust flickers into the air where it floats, settling down on someone’s cheeks or hair or there.  It brings a wipe, sigh, a smile or a raised eye. Whatever. 

How can the child quickly transcends to an adult who becomes a child and the child is the adult? This is how growth processes occur. There are no answers to some things until it is time. Or maybe there are no answers at all. It could also be that we are not asking the right questions so that the right answers can come. “Who are you supposed to be? How far have you come?” Listen to your inner child. Life is just a process of things. You don’t choose all the time, that’s why they say when you do get the chance to choose, choose wisely your paths so that being accounted for it would be worthwhile and not otherwise. 

In life, it is okay for change to happen, we should give ourselves time to go through and process these changes because they often birth newer realities that finally show us who we truly are. Embrace your wits, intuition and all that your inner man is telling you to pull through, it’s a calling, a nudge. It is your own working reality. There is a reason it’s in progress because it is leading, taking you to a destination.

A lot of people are afraid to lose themselves to growth and the positive change they don’t take care of their minds and go for what is healthy for them. The sacrifices are always worth it in the end, even the holy books tell us Jesus paid the price. They say it is not by how far but how well, this is true. Facing your own working realities takes a lot of time to master. The results of this process will show when it is complete and by then, you would look back and see how well, you would see how beautifully you have grown. The “how far” would be a point away, it would look like yesterday.

The world is like a spinning ball, it changes fast in time. You must learn to adapt, for good, in ways that are comfortable to you. For instance, I look back at those things I wrote back then. Those things most of us did are being recycled in new lights, with new resources at our disposal and by others. It’s their journey, their process, and your transition. There is a place of moving on and one would know when it is the time. 

I looked around and saw the good, the ups, the bad and the downs. I searched the scriptures and found that time and chance happen to all things. There is a timing of things. There is a timing to things. We are all searching and in pursuit instead of understanding the working realities of the time, slowing down and looking within. Searching within and harnessing our inner capabilities, beaming inner joys and reflecting well. The society has placed too much burden on the mind that we are all swaying towards self loss. You must constantly find ways to renew your mind and escape the noise.

I have no energy to say the same things but I may be moved to share them. There are newer realities to face and it has been aligned to the timing of others to say those things. This is okay if you find yourself no longer interested in things you were once passionate about, it could be a nudge for something higher, that process is gone and complete, it wasn’t your destination but perhaps, a tool or training ground. It’s time for something else you are being directed to. You feel and know this, embrace it.

It’s not going to be an easy adjusting process for anyone, but the beauty of it is that you should be cool with it.
If you can see beyond, you can tell that by the coolness that there is a peace that comes from finally getting and accepting the knowledge understanding of how things work, for you and with things and around others. It’s okay to even start again. It’s about acceptance. We are afraid of accepting what could be. If you could turn back the hands of time, how is anyone going to be sure it would not be worse? We don’t know. Certain things birth certain things.  It is from the pain of becoming that growth comes. There is already a lot to fight through to get to one’s destination if there is any. But a fight within oneself is a fight that must be conquered. This fight can come in different forms for different people. 

I learned about the workings of time. Do your thing. Time and chance will happen when it will. There is a certain peace that comes with knowing your paths, and walking them consistently in faith, waiting, beckoning time and picking back pieces. Getting ready. You have to learn to not be afraid, you have to learn to get ready. This is life. If not, you may keep repeating the phases you should have completed or advance.
The time you are now is your getting ready. And it comes with a lot of waiting.  This is something most of us don’t like. The world is spinning so fast we want everything to happen right now but it doesn’t work that way. There is a need to slow down. How can you trust God and still worry about what there should be? Why should there be confusion and worry about the future when you can leave it be? The future is always there. what is it that you are doing about today?

To discern the workings of time is to be grateful for how far you have come through than to worry about how far you still need to go. Halleluyah! Trust your own process. Trust the timing of your life. To do this, takes great courage, faith patience. And one of the things to know first is to understand and accept your own working realities of the time placed before you.

p.s –

I have written this with my faith in mind because it is the solid background upon which I am. . 

Over time, I have transitioned from just being a writer to a full-time visual artist, interested in style and self-care practices. With my experiences and skills, I am embracing this one step at a time- no rush zone.  Enny Cole dot com(check it out and see) as you used to know it is now my visual works website where I dive deeper into my creative endeavours. I have chosen chocoleny dot com, a fusion of my name with the word ‘chocolate,’ (who doesn’t love chocolates?) as my write collective. It will feature most of the things I am passionate about in written art forms. For example, style, self-care, branding etc. My journey to style was developed from my interest in dressing good and feeling good about it and the beauty of fashion. Wellness is a process for me that started with knowledge of self-care. In a way, I have always talked about it, in other forms- purpose, mind, clarity, discovery, goals, effectiveness. It is with it I started snippet stories and community finesse. These were the cores that developed me as a writer first before a storyteller or anything else. I have journaled this reminder because I owe it to myself and my previous readership, these processes.  Thank you and welcome. Let’s do this, shall we? 


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