hey eyebrows

hey eyebrows

The first time, you raised a question and I lost touch with my chords in a bid to give  an introduction.

You don’t know who I am yet.

Then came subtle kisses and holding of hands. For a minute in a sec, I thought it was pretty but

pretty is not as good. It was beautiful.

Your eyes always made gestures as if your brows were dancing on a work free day. Your smile

captures the very essence of the fine lines, reminds me every time I look at the mirror, it is not

my reflection I see.

I see a very sweet sweet man whose full eyebrows helps me raise the questions, ‘what would it

be?” and “who is he?”

Getting in between the sheets may probably be a bad idea but I would want it anyways, maybe

we could make little dolls together and live happily ever after. On a second thought and a half, it

didn’t feel good at first but it got better later. It should get better later.

Hey eyebrows! Maybe this time, you can see me spewing love notes as hard as I can.  Maybe I

can hide them in the closet of your heart or get them dancing on those brows.

I am no longer good at this because I am torn between letting it go and making it stay.

But what are we really doing, sparking up the room at every turn. Who will define us now?

Yesterday, I wore a pout specially for you and  somehow, it connected to the smile that crept up

from the corners of your mouth. When was our first kiss? How did it happen so suddenly yet

ended so soon.

I know you must wondered what kind of woman I am for my thoughts are incoherent, I am

weak and shy, I could fly all night and yet I still wouldn’t be fine, unless you take my hands and

show me that it would be fine. I know this is more than you bargained for and this time around

one stone don’t kill on two birds. It will kill just one, let that one be me, let me die in the

embrace of your loving love and let peace reign in my heart knowing that I am safe and sound.

You must wondered what kind of woman I am for getting handcuffed to the artery of your heart.

Hey Eyebrows, I will be back.


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